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I have spent most of my career helping others understand why people think and act as they do.


After earning a Masters’ in Technology in Education from Harvard, I spent over a decade as a designer and producer of educational software and websites.  I also have spent a decade as a producer and host for local public radio stations KQED, KALW and KPFA. Additionally, I have used her interview and research skills to help consumer based public and non-profit companies gain consumer insights.  

I took a mid-life gap year with my family and lived in Malaysia while writing for an Expat online publication and mentoring a Pakistani refuge. 

When I came back I pivoted and studied Coaching and Energy Leadership at The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC).  I chose to specialize in career and life transitions.   My clients have been from a range of careers: managers, writers, physical therapists, project managers, marketing execs, teachers, human resources and ex -pats.   All women in mid-life.

Industry clients have included:

Khan Academy, Cisco, TiVo, PRG, Nickelodeon, Electronic Arts; PlayFirst; Scientific Learning, Gamespin, Nice Advertising, Luidia, Riverdeep - The Learning Company, Inc, Global English Corporation,  Quris, Inc., Backbone Entertainment, Techno Source, Global Education Projects, The Jewish Museum, Digital Praise,  Agile Mind, Drip Drop, Light

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